is highly accurate and cost-effective ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) system, specifically designed for access control and free flow applications.

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Automarshal ANPR software

reads number plates with the highest recognition accuracy, generates various types of reports, allows creating user lists, controlling barrier gates and traffic lights, and much more. 

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Access control

Automarshal is a perfect solution to control access of vehicles to parking lots and car parks, checkpoints of enterprises, gated yards of apartment buildings and private houses

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About the product

Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) is one of the most widespread and effective ways to identify vehicles in the traffic flow and in access control points. The ANPR technology is applied to automate checkpoints, weighing stations, car parks, car washes and service stations, as well as to control access of vehicles to the territory of corporate offices, industrial zones, gated communities, hotels and airports.

Specifically designed for all the above mentioned applications, Automarshal ANPR software reads number plates with the highest recognition accuracy, generates various types of reports, allows creating user lists, controlling barrier gates and traffic lights, and much more.

Automarshal can operate stand alone, however it can also be easily integrated in video surveillance and complete security systems to add license plate recognition to the existing functionality.

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System composition

Installed on a Windows PC, Automarshal ANPR software receives video streams from Ethernet-connected IP-cameras, and then detects and recognizes vehicle license plates in the received images. The results of license plate recognition are stored to a database together with all the associated data (date, time, direction of travel, image of the vehicle, camera name, etc.). For access control applications the software matches the plate number against database records, grants or denies access based on this data, and gives commands to external devices — barriers, gates, traffic lights.


Two parallel recognition algorithms for unprecedented accuracy

Two modifications: for cars driving at the speed up to 30 km/h and up to 270 km/h

Multicountry recognition (license plate patterns of EU, Middle East, Russia and the CIS)

Web client for remote access from any browser or mobile device

User-generated access lists (not only white and black)

Automatic generation and e-mailing of detailed reports, type and frequency configured

SMS, E-mail, Telegram notifications about the passage of specific cars

SDK for easy integration with video surveillance, access control and complete security systems


1. Parking automation

— Vehicle control by license plate

— Automatic entry for parking subscribers

— Calculation of time and cost of parking

— Double control at the car park exit — by license plate and ticket number — to detect fraudulent exit and ticket exchange fraud 

— Photo fixation of vehicles at the entrance/exit to simplify processing of claims on vehicle damages

— Statistics of car park use and much more

2. Vehicle access control 

— Vehicle control by license plate

— Automatic entry/exit for vehicles from predefined lists

— Integration with ASC to control barriers and gates

— Event logging

— Calculation of time of vehicle’s stay within the territory

— Enhancing security of the territory (theft and unauthorized access prevention)

— RFID card or tag exchange fraud detection

— Cost saving on operator’s salary

3. Vehicle registration

— Automatic registration of vehicle’s entry and exit, calculation of time of stay

— Supervising the staff and rendered services, preventing employee theft

— Control of vehicle loading/unloading operations

— Business process automation

4. Traffic monitoring and counting

— Traffic load statistics

— Border control

— Toll road control

— Tracking stolen and suspect vehicles


More than 1000 Automarshal systems have been implemented into Russia, the CIS, the EU and other countries over the past 12 years. Below you can see a few of them.

Bussiness park De Bosschen (Oud-Beijerland, The Netherlands)

6 cameras used for ANPR


- Security for business park, all vehicle plates need to be registered.

Debra Group (Tielt, Belgium)

2 cameras used for ANPR


- Gates (in & out) open automatically for known and regular passing trucks.

- Unknown truck has to stop and gate is opened by push button manually.

Locations at the driveways to Novy Pazar, Targovishte, Vratsa (Bulgaria)

Novy Pazar: 4 cameras used for ANPR

Targovishte: 2 cameras

Vratsa: 4 cameras

Function: Round-the-clock traffic monitoring in the interests of law enforcement authorities

Matin’s Hotels (Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium)

4 cameras used for ANPR


- Open first 2 speedgates for hotel guests.
- Open first 2 speedgates and inside parking lot there are 2 additional speedgates to private parking spaces for fix residentials and staff.

Sofia Airport (Bulgaria)

4 cameras used for ANPR


- Round-the-clock traffic monitoring at the driveway to Sofia Airport in the interests of law enforcement authorities 

Truck parking JGT Transport (Hoogvliet Rotterdam, The Netherlands)

1 camera used for ANPR


- Gates (in & out) open automatically for trucks in the list.

Supported countries







Czech Republic

Donetsk People's Republic






Great Britain


Hong Kong








Kyrgyz Republic












Russian Federation

South Korea









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About us

Mallenom Systems is a team of developers focused on machine vision, machine learning, computer modelling and artificial intelligence.
16-year experience and extensive expertise developing machine vision projects make Mallenom Systems one of the most reliable IT companies in Russia and the CIS.

We use machine vision to solve the most challenging tasks from rough diamond sorting to traceability systems in nuclear industry, from control of nanofiltration membranes to identification of freight car numbers.

However, Automarshal ANPR system remains our first and favorite project. We constantly review and update its advanced algorithms in order to obtain highly accurate and reliable recognition for license plates worldwide.



month of free software updates


 recognition chanels (IP cameras connected to one PC)


accuracy of recognition at the speed of cars up to 270 km/h


supported countries


years in the market


installed systems

Automarshal Web client

Use the hyperlink below to view online the Recognition log of Automarshal system installed at the entrance to the parking lot of our company:


Number of channels

Up to 8 channels (IP cameras connected to one PC)

Vehicle speed

Up to 30 km/h (car parks, checkpoints, car washes, etc.) Up to 270 km/h (highways)

Recognition distance

From 5 to 30 m (determined by the used video camera/lens)

Width of control/recognition area

Up to 3 m for camera with min 640х480 resolution
Up to 7 m for camera with min 1280х720 resolution

Supported operating systems

Windows 7SP1/8.1/10* (32/64 bit) 
Windows Server 2008R2/2012/2012R2/2016 

* Windows 10 version 1507 or newer

System requirements

Processor: Intel Core i3-i7 RAM: over 4 Gb,hard drive space not less than 4 Gb

Maximum camera mounting angle


Supported cameras

All IP-cameras with the ability to set a fixed value of exposure (1/500 sec – for speed up to 30 km/h, 1/4000 – up to 270 km/h) and auto iris)

Registration log (for 10 Gb of hard drive space)

200,000 records (image 640х480)
100,000 records (image 1280х960)
70,000 records (image 1920х1080)


Transferring the recognized plate number, camera number and direction of travel to the configured COM port.


Sending SMS notifications to one or several phone numbers, as the specific vehicle passes the control zone


Transferring data and images to a remote server using TCP/IP sockets, message composition configurable.

Integration possibilities

Import/export of access lists in *.csv, *.xls

Data transmission

Ethernet, RS-232, RS-485, ftp, e-mail, sms


Saving data and images to the FTP server


Automatic report generation and e-mailing. Report type and frequency of e-mail notifications can be configured

Booklet Automarshal   Automarshal leaflet  

Partnering with us

We offer state-of-the-art license plate recognition technology at a competitive price. 

We are interested in partnership with:

  • Resellers — local companies, who deliver our ANPR software to end customers and provide technical support if necessary.
  • System integrators, who build their innovative technological systems by incorporating our LPR technology.
  • Installers, who purchase Automarshal to use it in their commercial video surveillance and security projects.

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